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Please remember county Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Clinics are for treating emergencies and illnesses. We need to keep them open for those who need care. They are not the place for people simply looking for COVID testing.

If you need a COVID-19 test or are wondering where to get one, please call the Clatsop County Public Information Call Center at 503.325.8500 or visit Clatsop County’s COVID-19 testing webpage. They will triage your case and help you find the right testing resource.

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The CMH-OHSU collaboration brings you high-quality care without the need to travel. You can see your trusted CMH providers in our convenient locations—and benefit from expanded service options, expert consultations and access to OHSU resources.


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At CMH, our focus is on you. Learn more about how the Planetree philosophy shapes our patient-centered approach in every department and at every visit.

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